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I\'m afraid you\'ll have to wait for " Love Hina Again" (my next review).Overall, the story is presented nicely, and filled with memorable characters you will not soon forget. The heart of mostly anything (besides a good story) is good/fitting music.

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The OP is kinda catchy, although it annoyed some viewers, I'm not annoyed by it at all.

As for the Japanese voice acting, there's one voice that grabbed my attention, the voice of Motoko.

~Love Hina's formula for comedy~ Keitarou accidents misunderstanding = Naru beating the crap out of him *ART: 8/10 The art is fine, I don't really have much complaints about it because it's a very typical art for an old anime.

*SOUND: 7/10 I actually liked the OP and ED and I kinda felt nostalgic hearing them again.

Lots of slapstick humor, romance and funniness is the recipe for this show.

I think it's pretty cool, and if you like romance/harem anime, this is a definite must-see.So, a young man called Urashima Keitaro suddenly finds himself working as the manager for an all-girls dormitory.Yes, you can probably see where that story is going.Though this eventually becomes repetitive, it never subtracts from the humor of the show.Of course though, there is a healthy dose of romance mixed in with the craziness.All the characters have their own distinct personalities and no two are at all similar.The romance part of the story will keep you guessing until the end.Her voice is adorable especially when she is screaming.The voices of the other characters are also good and fits the characters quite well. you like an extremely violent tsundere heroine and a pathetic loser MC. But if you're not any of what I mentioned above, I suggest you cross this out on your list now, because I guarantee you'll hate this one. " Love Hina" basically, is a romantic comedy.The main story is simple: a man is trying to get into Tokyo U to and meet his childhood sweetheart. The sub plots and character interaction are the heart of the anime.I must say that " Love Hina" executes this quite well.


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