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You have a good rapport, you may not have feelings for them but you care about them, even just a little. This is weird, but the good kind of weird, the kind where you don’t fully understand what you are feeling but you know you feel a lot of things and they might be important.

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from "15 Favorites" (2007) This version previously unreleased.

It’s a tale as old as Tinder: two people match, these people decide to meet up.

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When he sees me watching him, he throws me a private smile, and I return it.

In his winter coat he looks oddly small, his exuberance buried under so many layers of puffy fabric.

It screams, ‘I am a wuss and can’t tell you I want to end this’.

If you have a little bit more heart than those who ghost, perhaps think of giving them a call or even just a message.

I’ll speak for myself and say I don’t think I can dodge that emotional bullet. Here are some of the reasons we are not together: We don’t live in the same state. We genuinely enjoy being single and committed to no one.

We are both independent, and impulsive, and moderately damaged in the way most people in their early twenties are.


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