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Site also features “Genealogies, Maps, Glossary & Pictorial Guide to Beowulf.” Beowulf. It is also a landmark in the history of the poem’s interpretation.” Beowulf in Anglo-Saxon. For a better understanding of the text, first published in Klaeber’s 1922 edition of , view the entire book with several download options from Internet Archive.

Great fun for those with a basic understanding of OE writing and pronunciation. A new annotated critical edition based on the original manuscript, with Old English only and Old English facing modern English translation. Introduction contains a wealth of information for the serious student. Free from the University of Virginia Library Electronic Text Center. The Gummere translation from the Internet Medieval Source Book. Interlinear text with Old English and Gummere translation. It is “not so much a faithful guide to the meaning of the text as it is a testament to the long-standing use of Latin as a preferred tool for intercultural understanding. Beowulf: A New Verse Translation (Broadview Literary Texts Series).

Visit the book’s website for the fascinating backstory and links to buy the book. The Old Norse Volsunga Saga, or Story of the Volsungs, also has a brave hero, Sigurd, who skewers a venom-snorting dragon and gains his cursed gold-hoard. Tolkien’s symbolic “One Ring to Rule Them All,” in the Lord of the Rings cycle, as well as in Beowulf. Covers social sciences, humanities, education, computer science and engineering, general science, humanities, medicine, ethnic studies, and more. Some libraries may have a similar version of this index, such as Academic Search Elite. If you teach Beowulf, search ERIC for articles and research reports. An encyclopedia with signed articles about all aspects of the medieval period. A great way to get an overview of what scholars have said about a particular work over a long period of time, and to get some differing opinions and approaches.

She is not a monster, but a healer and seer who sees Beowulf and his brutal men as a menace to the people of Heorot, who adopted her when she mysteriously floated to their shores as a baby in salt-encrusted blankets. This exhibit celebrates the 1000th anniversary of the Viking exploration of North America, and traveled to museums around the United States in 2001. Full-text access depends on which Project Muse book collections and journal subscriptions your library has purchased. Indexes 12,000 scholarly journals, with full text for 4,000 titles. The “CMLC” is a multi-volume set of reprinted excerpts from scholarly journal articles and books. Literary Research Guide: An Annotated Listing of Reference Sources in English Literary Studies.

Mc Keithen’s 1979 dissertation (Indiana University), The Risalah of Ibn Fadlan : an Annotated Translation with Introduction. Some scholars believe that the oldest feasting hall on the site may be Heorot. Hear audio clips of Anglo-Saxon poetry, learn about the language, runes, village life, medieval birds, and more. Re-enactment society in the United Kingdom, “founded in 1986, to accurately re-create the life of the British people as it was in the one hundred years before the Norman Conquest.” See the Historical Resources section to find articles about this historical time period.

It’s hard to find anything in English about Ibn Fadlan, except for James E. Based on Michael Crichton’s book, Eaters of the Dead. In 2013, researchers announced that Excavations at Lejre in eastern Denmark, the site of a royal Danish court from the 6th to 10th century, revealed seven feasting halls of various ages, the remains of hundreds of animals, drinking vessels, and about 40 pieces of jewelry. Historical society devoted to the study of the Anglo-Saxon period.

The author has a Beowulf Study Guide at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

Reviews describe this , Tolkien’s imagined folk-tale behind the Beowulf story.

Translated by Grímur Jónsson Thorkelin in 1815, the “first known full translation.” Web edition by Claude Pavur, Saint Louis University, November 2008. Hear Seamus Heaney read his translation of Beowulf (You Tube audio, Parts 1 and 2).

Seamus Heaney on Beowulf and his verse translation.


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