Liquidating real estate

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For companies with certain types of illiquid but valuable intellectual property, the liquidating trust’s simplicity and lower cost can make it superior to other alternatives.

For example, for a small biotech with drug development programs out licensed to third parties, the liquidating trust can be a cost effective way to collect milestones and royalties for a period of time while open issues are resolved and a transaction can be closed to monetize the licensor interest.

Perhaps you could attend 2 or 3 different auction houses and see who you like and hear what people have to say about them.

I've been involved in the settlement of five estates.

It isn't a bad thing if done right, as long as you get an honest price for the items.

Do not sell your items to somebody telling you your items are worth nothing but just to help out he'll give you x amount of dollars for everything just to get it off your hands and haul it away.

To many the words “liquidating trust” connote bankruptcy, but that need not always be the case.

In fact, a liquidating trust can be a cost effective, simplified structure to wind down a solvent company and realize some value for stockholders.

These folks are like buzzards and will turn around and sell your stuff for unbelievable amounts to dealers and even resale it in their own shops or malls. An honest Estate Dealer will charge you at least 30 to 35 per cent plus expenses for selling your items unless it is just a few items, then 50 per cent would be more likely a good price.

Often times if you do this job yourselves, you can lose a fortune by underpricing some things, and not selling others by overpricing.


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