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He's long drawn the ire of oldest son Quentin (IDRIS ELBA), a musician who's come home for the first time in years, with thugs Mo (DAVID BANNER) and Dude (RONNIE WARNER) not far behind, intent on collecting the ,000 he owes them.He's not the only son who's in trouble, however, as Claude (COLUMBUS SHORT) turns out to be AWOL from the Marines, also harboring the secret that he's married to Sandi (JESSICA STROUP).

Profanity consists of at least 8 "s" words, while other expletives and colorful phrases are also uttered.

All sorts of sexually related dialogue is present, sex is attempted but interrupted or occurs off screen, while a woman is twice seen in a very small bikini and panties, another is seen with a vibrator (but not in use), and some clothed, but sexualized, solo dancing occurs (played for comedy).

Violence includes people punching or otherwise striking others, as well as a threat made with a gun.

Some behavior might be enticing for some kids to imitate, while various bad attitudes are present, as are various tense family moments, including a strained and then failing marriage.

CHRIS BROWN plays the youngest Whitfield child who's been keeping his musical interests secret from his mother for fearing of how she'll react.

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He sports some tattoos, and turns out to be a good singer.

LAZ ALSONSO plays Lisa's controlling husband who's pressuring her to get Ma' Dere to sell the family business so that he'll have access to that money.

It turns out he's cheating on Lisa, and he uses some profanity.

Other new romance is present in the form of youngest daughter and current college student Melanie "Mel" Whitfield (LAUREN LONDON) who's brought her new boyfriend Devean Brooks (KEITH ROBINSON) home for the holidays.

As the big day approaches, the family members and the others must contend with their various idiosyncrasies and issues.


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