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I never expected the two to stay with each other after the show, knowing Jenn's track record with guys that she never stayed with.This included Alex, Stephen, Derrick, and Pete and that doesn't even count the girls she has had relationships with.

I never expected the two to stay with each other after the show, knowing Jenn's track record with guys that she never stayed with.

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I was really awkward, I wore weird clothing and my hair was weird as well.

Maybe you can chalk that up to going through a phase and being uncomfortable around people.

In this intimate video, she admits that they broke up because she didn't care about him as much as he cared for her. ) DANNY and MELINDA Caught Kissing: Danny and Melinda’s relationship developed slowly on "Real World: Austin" -- primarily because she started the season with a boyfriend.

But after Danny injured his cheekbone and had to get surgery, they grew very close.

Now that argument with Adam that Jenn had in the "Rivals" reunion starts to begin to make a little bit of sense, but it doesn't concretely tell whether or not Adam raped either Kelly Anne or Jenn.

Now I am not going to slut shame at all and I am not going to get on Kelly Anne for not coming forward immediately.One of the things I was always amazed with was the fact that he was able to pull in "bad girl" Jenn from "Real World Denver" (2007) despite the fact that in many cases she is out of his league in the looks department.He even claimed that he had had a crush on her ever since he saw her on "The Duel 2" (2009), but didn't get a chance to stick around because he got in a violent brawl with CT and the two rivals were sent home.JUDD and PAM Caught Kissing: This twosome will force you to jog your memory a bit.While they were completely platonic friends on what we consider to be the greatest season ever of "Real World: San Francisco," Judd often snuck into her room to tuck her into bed at night (definitely making a move if you ask us! It wasn’t until the unfortunate death of their roommate and friend Pedro Zamora that the romance sparked and they moved in together. Which twosome was your favorite "Real World power couple? Now again, I am going to go back down the rabbit hole of sexual assault and rape much like I did in the Tonya post in whether Evan and Kenny penetrated her with a toothbrush.What better way to get a relationship rolling than by starting things off by cohabitating?While the premise of "Real World" has always been to lump a bunch of contradictory people with strong personalities into a pimped-out house (and "find out what happens when people stop being polite and starting getting real"), we've often seen hormones and attraction easily outweigh political or religious rifts.Johanna denied the red-headed fireball for most of the show, but he finally caught her attention when he met a girl named Wren (ain’t jealousy a b***h? The two finally made out mid-season, and their relationship became very serious following the show (of course, until she met Kenny and all hell broke loose).ALTON and IRULAN Caught Kissing: Even though Irulan started "Real World: Las Vegas" with a boyfriend, we all knew that wasn’t going to last (come on, they were in Sin City! Naturally, she couldn't resist hooking up with her hot roommate Alton, and while it was incredibly bad timing (they kissed the same day her then-boyfriend Gabe was coming to visit), that didn’t stop them from falling for each other.


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