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Jesse: The Bachelorette actually picks her final four all on night one!I mean come on, if you were in a room with 25 guys for 10 hrs you could totally pick four guys to travel with for the next two months to get to know better.

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They travel the world so the producers can produce an interesting season.

However, if Dez is smart, she will find her man and stay as far away from the limelight as possible — to get back to real life, to really get to know her choice!!

People usually have a type, but it never seems that the final guys are all that similar.

Is this the Bachelorette’s way of giving herself a lot to pick from, or is this what producers push for in order to keep the drama going in the house?

"I'm so in love with De Anna -- I don't even know how to put it into words, how badly I want to be engaged to [De Anna]. I really think she's my soul mate." fourth-season finale began with Jason and Jesse traveling to De Anna's hometown of Newnan, GA to meet her dad Greg, her sister Crissy and her brother Thomas.

She's just that one person that I can't see myself without. "Today is the most important day in this process," said De Anna.Was this an attempt at making Brad more fun for Dez? Jesse Csincsak: Again the producers just need ratings, so amusement park? Starcasm: Dez’s first one-on-one ended in her sending boring Brad home — at the top of a lighthouse. Starcasm: The guys could see the date happening on the boardwalk from their hotel room — what do you think about that? Jesse Csincsak: Totally planned by producers as that’s the drama part. Starcasm: They take a helicopter ride to see Hurricane Sandy devastation and then meet a couple affected by the storm. Is this meant to be an educational message or is it meant to channel the emotions of Dez and James? She calls 3 names, leaves the room, gets 3 more names, then comes back to the rose room and stands back on a piece of tape right where she was to continue with the next 3 names.” And there you have it!Jesse Csincsak: Mike Fleiss, the executive producer, is all about $$$$, so if he did Hurricane Sandy footage, it was probably because he was paid money to do it.” Starcasm: Are the order in which the names are called thought out in advance, or does the Bachelorette just get up there and start naming them off? Thanks so much to Jesse for taking the time to talk with us!And doesn’t this just make it harder to adjust to “regular life?” Jesse Csincsak: The reason why almost none of the couples ever last after being on this show is because of the producers!What is the point of traveling to so many different locations?Is it to channel the many different personalities of the men?Starcasm: In general, do producers try and cater to what they think will keep certain guys around, or do they let the guys’ real personalities shine through? If the show doesn’t get good ratings it gets the boot, so if a guy being himself gets ratings then they leave it be, but if not, they step in.Starcasm: One guy even said, “Traveling takes romance from one level to the next.” Is this what the producers are going for? They want these guys throwing themselves at her, fighting with one another over her, and they will do whatever they need to to make that happen as it generates ratings.We didn’t think there could be any more Bachelor Nation babies — but we were wrong!NEWS: Pregnant Celebrities in 2016: Blake Lively, Megan Fox, Audrina Patridge & More For months now, we’ve been getting a pregnancy announcement from .


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