Is chris l dating peyton

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They're helping their clients renovate historic Cape homes, making sure to keep the traditional centuries-old seaside charm, while updating outdated features that just don't work.

With Chris's building and landscaping skills, and Peyton's keen eye for design, they're helping newcomers to the area create a new life, one Cape House at a time.

I'm happy with the way the game went, maybe we should have broken up the couples early on for the sake of the three women who went home at the beginning of the episode, probably smarter for them to have broken up the couples.

I'm sure Nikki is kicking herself for not sticking with voting Kiptyn out when we had planned to early on, but it's a game and that's the way the cards fall."Jesse: "I think definitely in this game if you don't win challenges then there's a chance you are going home.

Peyton: "I was surprised at all the conversations last night that were going on to actually keep Jesse and I in the house.

I think I gave up early on and even though I was talking to Natalie and Tenley to try and keep us there, I really just didn't even think we had a fighting chance, so it was nice to see that they did take into consideration keeping us."Jesse: "I agree, definitely."Jesse, do you think if you'd stayed with Natalie you'd still be in the game or would she have stuck with Dave no matter what?

We caught up with them as they chatted with reporters about the experience...

Were there surprises when you watched the show back?

They all each other, but there's no dating going on between them. And, you know, I'm also best friends with Josh [Rush, who plays Cyrus]," she said in the interview.

The pair formed an alliance during their stay in the mansion, although their burgeoning romance soon fizzled and they found themselves going home last night.


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