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Inuyasha and the rest of his group arrive to confront Hakudoshi, while Kagura sends Kohaku off on one of her feathers.

are based on the last twenty-one volumes of the manga series of the same title by Rumiko Takahashi, continuing where the first adaptation left off.

The series follows the half dog-demon, half human named Inuyasha, the fifteen-year-old junior high school student Kagome Higurashi and their close companions Miroku, Sango, Shippo and Kirara as they search for the final fragments of the Sacred Jewel of Four Souls and approach their final battle with Naraku.

When Sango finds Kohaku before the others, she learns that he has regained his memory that they were siblings.

Since the cat's out of the bag about him housing The Infant, Moryomaru flees to grow stronger. Elsewhere, Kikyo is slowly weakening, to the point of her spiritual shield not being able to keep novice monks away.

Having gained a powerful offensive technique to replace Tokijin, Sesshomaru decides that he will be the one to choose whether or not Kagura died in vain.

Inuyasha's group rescues a swordsmith named Toshu from the demon Ryujin, who is after Toshu's Dakki, a sword designed to absorb demonic energy.Her body dissolves into dust and her feather hairpin floats away into the wind, signifying that she is now free.Totosai approaches Sesshomaru to tell him that the Tenseiga can now be reforged into an offensive weapon, since Sesshomaru has now experienced rage and sorrow for someone other than himself.In the present, Kagome's grandfather tells her that the Shikon Jewel can only be erased from the world if the one who had obtained it makes the one correct wish.However, their conversation deviates from her worries about passing her academic studies.Kirby Morrow, the voice of Miroku, said on Voiceprint with Trevor Devall and guests that Michael Daingerfield was able to mimic David Kaye near perfectly.On December 17, 2010, Paul Dobson announced on a podcast episode of Voiceprint with Trevor Devall and guests that he would be going back to the Ocean Group studio for his final recording session of Inuyasha: The Final Act on December 23, 2010.After managing to escape on a feather, she lands in a meadow filled with flowers, where she listens to her newly-returned heart beating inside her chest.Sesshomaru battles Moryomaru, who has acquired the armor of a turtle demon named Meioju after devouring it.After accidentally entering the test, Shippo plays several tricks on Inuyasha, clobbering him each time.Shippo retreats into the forest where he meets a girl named Mujina, determined to avenge her father by using her sword to absorb demonic energy.


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