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But you may postpone a breakup since you hate confrontation and prioritize harmony.

Be conscientious of your time (and his time) and don’t draw out the inevitable.

Try to draw a line between your friendliness and flirtiness to make your interest (or disinterest) clear.

Definition: Putting his needs before your own—to a fault.

You’re a practical partner and a loyal lover once you're committed, but sensitivity isn't your thing, especially when it comes to your significant other’s feelings.

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So stop talking about how non-logical love is, and focus a bit more on enjoying the romance and keeping it alive.

I know small talk isn't your thing, but maybe keep things a little light by flirting and making those quippy remarks you're so good at, before getting down to business.

Definition: Prioritizing logical reasoning over emotional needs.

Empathetic and in tune with your own emotions, you might ask him a few times too many what his feelings are, where the relationship stands, etc.

This is great for getting ahead of any relationship problems, but it can sometimes cause tension when it feels like too much probing.


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