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Against the tragic backdrop of American history, it is a sign that Frederick Douglass may have been right when he prophesied, even before the abolition of slavery, that eventually "the white and colored people of this country [can] be blended into a common nationality, and enjoy together ...the inestimable blessings of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."The great but altogether predictable irony is that just as white opposition to white-black intimacy finally lessened, during the last third of the twentieth century, black opposition became vocal and aggressive.For the most part, the law prohibits officials from taking race into account in licensing marriages, making child-custody decisions, and arranging adoptions.

During that visit he offered no criticism of the university's then existing prohibition against interracial dating.

In the controversy that ensued, no nationally prominent figures defended Bob Jones's policy.

This development has prompted commentators to speak of the "creolization" or "browning" or "beiging" of America.

Over the years legions of white-supremacist legislators, judges, prosecutors, police officers, and other officials have attempted to prohibit open romantic interracial attachments, particularly those between black men and white women.

Western women don’t have their own voice; it’s not uncommon for women writers in the west to adopt male-sounding noms de plume — even J. They instinctively voted for a “rich white guy” who had a lifelong history of disrespecting women.

This is why there was a “(white) Women’s March” over the inauguration weekend.

The white women felt guilty for being so submissive of a rich white guy like Trump and wanted to demonstrate that their action did not reflect who they really are.

But what they really are, sadly, is clearly shown by their repeated and unrepentant actions; so the march will change nothing (yet). There is probably no other female group so subjugated by the male of their society.

On the other hand, however, white women show a higher degree of attachment to white male than they are willing to accept.

In my view, the Western culture is more repressive of women than most people would be willing to concede.


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