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Both women reported the abuse to elders in their church and to counselors. And then, as their mutual ex-husband was being cleared for his job in the White House last spring, both women told the FBI. They told the stories of likely the most intimate and traumatic moments of their lives to family and church elders and friends and counselors and FBI officers, and they saw the following happen: Porter was not given full clearance.

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Senior staff in the White House knew why his clearance was snagged by the fall.

According to Politico John Kelly, Donald Trump’s chief of staff and Porter’s boss, also knew of the 2010 protective order against Porter. Apparently “I didn’t see it with my own eyes in the workplace,” is the new “thoughts and prayers.” Note that the central moral issue was no longer the scurrilous women who must have lied to a slanderous press, but Hatch’s own heartbreak.

Wednesday he hadn’t known earlier that day, save, perhaps, for the fact that there was a photo.

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The man we’ve all been feting as the “adult in the room” turns out to be just as adept at disappearing victims of domestic abuse as all the other adults, namely those in the FBI and the Mormon church, who had also known of the allegations against Porter and done nothing.They did nothing because he was visible to them and his accusers were nothing.But the tone comes from the top, and nobody should be even a bit surprised.(I found out years later he had kicked his first wife on theirs.)” Porter reportedly begged her to take it down because anyone who read it had to have known it was referencing Rob Porter, the guy at the White House.Another thing that is clear from the blog post is that the police knew: Willoughby filed for a protective order in Arlington, Virginia, in 2010, and she called them on at least one other occasion.Today, in response to a question about whether he believes the women claiming Porter abused them, Sen.Hatch said, “I don’t believe them all but I think there’s enough there that you have to take it very seriously.” This questions of “enough” was coincidentally also the subject of a powerful piece from Catharine Mac Kinnon in the New York Times last Sunday, about why the #Me Too movement is accomplishing what decades of formal legal reforms could not achieve.I accepted his resignation earlier today, and will ensure a swift and orderly transition.It is not clear what the “new allegations” were, since there was nothing he knew at p.m.Or you can ignore them, as Kelly, Mc Gahn, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and the White House have done.You can ignore them by refusing to call them by their names, refusing to credit their stories, and by changing the subject to the injuries and suffering of the poor man who has been accused and also the suffering of the poor men who befriended him.


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