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Weedle Mchairybug , 10 April 2009 (UTC) Guys, would you mind going and watching Showdown at Pewter City? Supporting the fact that it might not know Double-Edge is because it was the stadium announcer who mentioned it in Friend and Foe Alike, increasing the chance that it could have been a dub mistranslation where it was originally a different move in the Japanese version.My 2¢: While it's possible that Pikachu using Double-Edge might have been a mistranslation, if it isn't a mistranslation, odds are it's not an error of any sort. User: Dusknoir477 , 1 February 2009 (UTC) I think Pikachu is female..

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And of course, we all know that this kind of fancruft belongs in the forums. Pikachu was wild before professor oak caught it and brought it to his lab (Pokemon Yellow).

There's a big message at the top of the page essentially telling you to Let me ask something real quick, and hopefully this'll help end the gender debate once and for all. This also explains why Pikachu had a poke ball in the first place. That explains that the pikachu can live in trees, and if i remember correctly, pikachu found the tree that it used to live in in that episode.

In the battle against Roxanne's Nosepass it absorbed the Zap Cannon and regained strength which in the anime is the same as health. I don't understand the last trivia fact about Pikachu being ash's only pokemon... if you think this last thing is stupid well then don't pay attention to it. i just finished checking the page and saw the that poke ball and there it says that ash carries it around all the time just like it had posted this haha mmm so nevermind! And no, its tail would not have changed into a heart if it was female. Thirdly, Misty's visions were her point of view and not part of the continuity.

I agree with those above stating that abilities are different in the anime world. Yukito Oo O , 18 December 2008 (UTC) Um,excuse me,but her exact line was "You look so cute",in the english version. Lovely Rose , 27 January 2009 (UTC) I'm afraid to say that this gender debate is just... It's kind of sad the way this debate has gone on as long as this, as if its an important election. Jeez, if only gender differences were made ages ago, we wouldn't have this problem! Basically, almost nothing can be drawn from this evidence.

--Shiningpikablu252 , 10 April 2009 (UTC) , 14 July 2009 (UTC) Have any of you dared to watch Electric Soldier Porygon?

(EP038) If so, then if you watched the one with subtitles on You Tube, you would have heard Nurse Joy call him a he. As for other countries, Pikachu is called a he in Showdown at Pewter City (EP005).

After all things can be done differently in the anime then in the games.--Lycos Ex Mortis , (UTC) We could have a section for counterparts to Ash's Pikachu, for example, Sparky, Silver's Chikorita, Aoi's Shinx. I really need an explanation as to why the large amount of male evidence isn't enough to confirm the gender of a CARTOON mouse. In that Miltank episode, Pikachu felt uncomfortable dressed as a maid, so therefore, from Pikachu's point of view, it doesn't like dresses, meaning that it most likely isn't a girl. Buneary not knowing Pikachu's gender is the dumbest piece of evidence that I have ever, ever heard. I would like to take a little moment to explain real game "love" physics.

I'm pretty sure there are more, and I think this might be worth including on this page. : P Say that there is a large group of male Mamoswine and a larg group of female Mamoswine in a blizzard.

Pokémon can regonise the gender of other Pokémon, as can animals. I'm sure lots of people considered that, and therefore, that's one of the big reasons why I think its male; because so many fans picked up vibes that it Pika was a boy, it must be so.

But,anyway,can I delete that line from the article,it's incorrect,see I tried deleting it before,but it looks like it's back up Lovely Rose , 2 February 2009 (UTC) Yeah I watched it, you're absolutely right, May doesn't refer to it as a male. I don't think I'll ever be convinced that Pikachu is a girl, because I've always known it to be male.

Special K Leiks Lucario and the Celebi Glitch , 6 March 2010 (UTC) It says in the episode Todd Snap appears that Pikachu is afraid of having its picture taken.I understand that for a long time Pikachu has been the only electric type pokemon owned by a main character. Mudkipz Rule , 2 April 2010 (UTC) Just curious but is there a specific reason as to why this was deleted??I am changing it from Male (confirmed in dub only) to Male. (Torngentleman2) , 18 April 2009 (UTC) In fact, the chances of us ever getting official subtitles for that episode vanished thanks to over 700 seizures.Even if the rest of the series were to get an uncut subtitled release one of these days, EP038 would not be included due to being locked down by the Japanese government.



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