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The problem, Hely and Milisenta, is that you can never tell which guys REALLY care about you and which ones just want to be able to say they slept with a virgin.Which is why I’d advise you to keep your mouth shut.

You can probably go out on a good three or four dates before you actually have to have the “sex” conversation. Mostly.“I didn’t want to freak you out or make a big deal out of this, but I only want to have sex with someone that I’m in a committed relationship with.

I’m really attracted to you, but until I’m sure that we’re going to be boyfriend/girlfriend, I have to keep saying no. ”From here, you can gauge if he’s serious about YOU or about SEX, and you don’t even have to “out” yourself as a virgin.

The best way I see you dealing with this issue is not to make it an issue at all.

Go out with men, let them chase you, let them flirt with you, let them kiss you, let them touch you.

With the possibility of these thoughts lingering in a woman’s mind, a man’s ego and confidence may suffer.

On the other hand, there are many women who may not be alarmed about dating men who are virgins or practicing abstinence.

Sex with a virgin is next to impossible once you’re in your twenties.

And who doesn’t crave an appointment with the impossible?

I am sure that no one expects this of me 🙂 How do I address this issue when I meet someone “quality”?

As a man, would you expect to learn what you’re “dealing with” or would you rather not be freaked out in advance and learn it in the process? I’m nineteen years old, I know there is a problem with me because I can’t seem to have a long-term relationship with a guy.


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