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The HPD says Roland "appears unharmed," but would be taken to a hospital for evaluation. Roland's friends and family reported her missing on Sunday, after she texted a friend about a suspicious man following her, reports

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Later, punk and new wave clubs like The Paradise Rock Island, the Omni, and Numbers opened in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Montrose has been "a haven for Prohibition honkey-tonks, antique stores, wealthy socialites, motorcycle gangs, gays, harmless eccentrics and a broad array of exiles, writers, artists and musicians." In 1991 Paul Broussard was murdered in the Montrose nightclub area.

Examples of Houston's historic residential architecture including century-old bungalows and mansions can be found in Montrose.

As of 2017 Before the 1970s, the city's gay bars were spread around Downtown Houston and what is now Midtown Houston.

Gays and lesbians needed to have a place to socialize after the closing of the gay bars.

They began going to Art Wren, a 24-hour restaurant in Montrose.Edgar Odell Lovett, the first president of Rice University.Modeled after the Ritz-Carlton in New York, the hotel cost over one million dollars to construct.In 1926, the Plaza Apartment Hotel, Houston’s first apartment hotel, opened on Montrose Boulevard.The hotel was home to many of Houston’s leaders, including Dr.Her phone was inside the Jeep, but her purse was located at a nearby business.Roland covers the Texas A&M football team for the sports website Some area funeral homes did not want to accept the bodies of men who died from AIDS.AIDS tore through the neighborhood and the gay community flocked to the nightclubs for a reprieve from sickness and death." By 2011 many LGBT people moved to the Houston Heights and to suburbs in Greater Houston.University of Houston professor Maria Gonzalez stated that "With this murder[...]people said, 'Enough is enough.'[...] A whole new relationship developed between the gay community and the police department." Montrose hosts a number of communities including artists, musicians, and LGBTs, and has thrift, vintage, and second-hand shopping stores, gay bars, and restaurants.On Montrose Boulevard and Westheimer Road, there are few original homes remaining—a majority have been converted to businesses and/or restaurants since 1936.


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