Guys dating single moms

Not too many guys my age have kids and I don't know how willing they'll be to date someone that has one.If you are committed to raising your daughter, but find it a lonely life without a man, then suck it up and put yourself out there.

You'd have to find someone willing to care for you but ultimately the child as well This is a weird question but do guys view single moms as sluts?

My best friends husband thinks I'm a little slutty especially now that I have a baby but that isn't the case at all. I also don't think there is such a thing as a slut, screw as many people as you like, as long as you respect yourself and your partners.

He's the asshole here, but you made a mistake trusting him and clearly didn't know his character as well as you thought.

Then again I'd hate to think you're going to stop trusting people, on the lookout for signs. If there are, then yes, that starts to get into the potentially slutty department.

I also love kids and they love me so if a breakup would happen I wouldn't want the kid to be more heartbroken than they already are.24 here with a beautiful INSANE 2 year old daughter.

Guys my age would hardly give me the time of day, and when they did it was because they assumed I was easy and just wanted to hook up, nothing more which I am not looking for.I grew up in a much better home environment that many friends that had their mom and dad in the house, so don't let that aspect bother you... Personally I try not to pay attention to that and just live by my own rules.That being said adoption is an alternative if you really can't provide que quality of life the baby deserves, but somehow that doesn't seem to be the case here Oh I'm not worried about this asshole. End of the day it's a stigma, only you know yourself best so don't fall into that trap.He was the same person the whole time, you just failed to recognize it.Might not be your fault, but I'd say you need to be a little more careful in who you pick next time. I hate to say that and am not trying to blame you, but we can only hope to learn from the past and do better next time. The baby's dad skipped out on us as soon as he found out I was pregnant so there won't be any "drama" there.The baby is only 7 weeks old so I'm obviously not ready to get out and start dating now but when I am, what should I expect?If you're finding that difficult for yourself, find a support group of people (preferably family, female friends, coworkers,etc) who you can confide in, spend time with, and love each other with.I am under 30 and I know for most people around my age that can be an issue, but if a girl has great qualities and is a fun person to be around then I think a kid is something that would take some adjustment but personally not something that I would consider a deal breaker at all.As a 21 year old male I prefer not to date single mothers.My reasoning is that I'm not sure if I want kids yet and that would mean starting out with one before I even know if I'm going to stay around.


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