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But if the family appeared to have very robust financial means – and Box some extravagant tastes – it was apparently not noted as suspicious.She drove a Jaguar and paid for family holidays to the Amalfi Coast. It juxtaposes the glamorous and high-octane battles of an assassin's lifestyle with the grim reality of a main character who lives in a motel room, roots through dumpsters for collectibles and needs to do menial labour to pay his U. That said, no game lets you rain down on Mooks like some sort of angry nerd god quite like ) for the Xbox 360 and Play Station 3, based on the belief that its poor sales were due to the Wii being unreceptive to this kind of game.

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The SRA, which investigated the case, now believes the true extent of her fraud, which stretched for nearly a decade and a half, may be closer to £10 million.

In the process she has ruined the lives of at least 75 families who came to her for help, most of them mourning the loss of loved ones.

’Jailed for seven years, struck off the professional register, branded ‘evil’ by her victims, she now awaits a hearing to confiscate the proceeds of her crime. Yet only she can say quite how or why she succumbed to temptation in such spectacular fashion. She studied at Liverpool Law School before joining the 200-year-old Wakefield firm of Dixon, Coles and Gill in 1971.

By 1979 she was a partner in the same firm, eventually commanding a £100,000 salary.

Because, for all her kindly demeanour and seeming modest attire, 68-year-old Linda Box has today been branded Britain’s most ruthless grandmother after abusing her position as a former member of the Law Society to siphon more than £4 million from grieving families.

It funded the sort of life you might associate not with a modest family lawyer but a gangster’s moll.

With her steel grey hair neatly combed, Linda Box had dressed sensibly in a neat black cardigan and low-heeled patent shoes.

Yet those sitting in the packed public gallery might have been forgiven a moment or two of puzzlement or even outright shock as this pillar of the community took her seat in the dock.

Alongside this legal work, she held the prestigious post of Chancellor for the Diocese of Southwell and Nottingham, and later acted as legal adviser to the Bishop of Wakefield until 2005.

Box is known to have begun siphoning off funds in 2003.


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