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Participants use the services in order to meet others who are outside their social circles, but still attempt to impose some limitations to maintain the possibility of a physical relationship.In the cities at least, it is becoming more accepted for two people to meet and try to find if there is compatibility.Their friendship went into huge decline after Toby found out that he slept with his then-girlfriend, Simone, he became all-around hostile towards Emmett, even shoving him to the ground once.

lol There are some concert pictures where little JC makes himself known. He's written convincing songs about having sex with women and had a mix of long-term and short-term girlfriends but where there is smoke there is often fire, one would assume he's at least bi-sexual.

It's a stereotype but he can be flamey which adds to the feeling there is fire behind the smoke. Has a girl group with songwriter/producer Jimmy Harry called Girl Radical. Some of those young women are only 11 or 12 years younger than him, but in 'Nsync they considered JC the dad, because he was responsible and took care of everyone.

Shorter answer: "I'm full of shit and peddle bullshit on the Internet because I'm a loser! Even JT, who has worse features, looks better because he styles himself well, usually (don't like the ironed hair, though). One of the funniest things is that JC and Justin dress amazingly alike at times. Now that Justin is straightening his hair it's the same style as JC's except JC recently started letting his go a little wavy on top again. Don't think JC was feeling the JT love all that much in 2004. Helping his BFF Autumn throw a surprise wedding a couple weeks ago. She's been gone nearly a year, he looks back to fighting weight, started growing his hair out. That "All Day I Dream About Sex" song is a fucking abortion.

"I don't know or really care if he's gay but he was endearingly queeny on that MTV Dance competition show where he was a judge. I suppose JC's lack of style might be in reaction to the hideous style he (and others) displayed while in NSync.r18, I don't think JC really let himself go, its just genetics and getting older. It's a joke among the Joshtin fans, who like most slash fans have trouble telling fantasy from reality but the similar fashion photo collages can be fun. Last August JC wore a dark shirt with white dots on it, last September JT wore a dark shirt with white dots on it. Live he used to walk his fingers down his body and grab his crotch during Come to Me. He's doing something that involves himself performing, and not just a one off for a friend.

I'd rather he was gay, bisexuals get no respect from either side. He decided take control of the situation so it wouldn't be taken completely out of his hands and he was in what he considered a serious and stable relationship at the time.

R7, That circle of friends you mention, almost none of them are out. All the more reason for him not to come out, because it would put more of a spotlight on all of them. I don't think JC's decision has to do with being concerned with his career but with more personal reasons.R1 He doens't live off the kindness of others, he's worth around 30 million dollars. He danced better than JT in their 90 second reunion He was known as the one who saved his money in 'Nsync("because...yes"). JC had a better voice than Timberflake and was a better dancer. OP, regarding cocks: supposedly JC is second most well hung of the guys, after Joey, the Italian Stallion.R38 It's not from fangirls, per se, it's from groupies. Some of them were fangirls but the info was often consistent. JC was more not too big, not too small but just right. Maybe they were Podwell's early clients so they became friends. There was the other song with the simulated blow job during the dance routine. He looks like his biological mother, same eyes, smile, nose, facial shape. Might be the start of a new phase of him becoming a singer and performer again. Must be getting ready to leave for London for the rehearsals for Jesus Christ Superstar.How accurate who can say but some of the first reports of Lance being gay came from those places, same with JC being bisexual. Female dancer naturally but his stage show wasn't boring. But if it had been the case, it would hardly be something that was his fault. They've already been working with the vocal coach on singing rehearsals, she posted a picture of herself and JC a couple weeks ago.Ok, proceed.[quote]I'd love to give you a link, but stupidly, I'm too embarrassed to type it into Google. A recent pic from when he met a fangirl a few weeks ago whilst buying cupcakes for for the youngest Girl Radical's 19th b-day. he is constantly calculating how to act but that doesnt mean he not sexually responsive. Watch his calculations get fucked up around dudes he into. He does like girls that are dark and well built, but he's not against some meat on the bones as long as it's in the right places and proportions. Also, I'm pretty sure JC is into guys, but he seems to be a lot more selective. I don't know his deal and I don't ask, just watch and listen, but he definitely has certain people that he lights up around, and I expect they get the full benefit of his attention, if you know what I mean.It's one thing to come across it randomly on a website, it's another to go in search of it. lol This is one of the stupidest things lve ever read on DL. It's not like he's let himself go terribly or anything, it just looks like he doesn't make any effort. IMO JC was the most attractive and mature looking member of the band until 2002 or so when JT finally came into his own. JC was gorgeous, with those high cheekbones, defined jawline, full lips. R18, Justin doesn't try very hard when he's not "on show" either. R62 2004 was when Justin stabbed them all in the back after they waited and delayed their own projects because he kept saying "just give me six more months". Not to mention earlier in the year JT's Nipplegate involvement got JC's Pro Bowl performance canceled. Went to Elton John's Annual Academy Award viewing party. JC is dressed plainly but his eyes are so blue in person he brings his own color accent. He used to still dress a little offbeat until he started going out with her. The guy who wore a fur coat, silk shirt and pink snakeskin pants in still in there somewhere, waiting to break free. I love the wide, flat bridge of his nose and his quasi-fetal alcohol syndrome eyes. It sounds like I'm kidding, but I would totally fuck him any way he wanted it.For spam, at Howard Universitythe direction of photos see hooking up as whether friends or else living route numbers without any more connotation to it. Meetings between lovers began to be more distant from rigid parental supervision.Using the internet as a means of connecting to others.Before this thread descends any further let us clear one thing up: Matt Morrison is STRAIGHT. The rumors I'm sure have basis in fact because just look at them, but the cabana story feels like a bad fanfic prompt.He is engaged, he is a notorious womanizer, and LOTS of women have enjoyed having sex with him. Last I'd heard of him with anyone was about a year ago when his ex GF of 2.5 years answered q's on her Instagram by saying they broke up because she found out he was screwing around constantly. If they were going to make shit up, they should have made up something that seemed more realistic. I've never known anyone that said they left dissatisfied, myself included.


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