Google site performance not updating

The vast majority of people don’t click past the first page of search results.

According to this study, the top listing in Google’s organic search results receives 33 percent of the traffic, compared to 18 percent for the second position, and the traffic only degrades from there.

First, create an account on Google webmaster tools.

When you register and point Google to your URL you can request them to re-crawl your URLs.

Therefore, you need to consider what content search engines actually see on your Web pages.

Search engines help millions of users across the world navigate the internet and find specific content amid the billions of websites.

This feature is automatically enabled when you launch a new Word Press website. All you need to do is visit Settings » Reading and check the box next to Search Engine Visibility option.

You want your website to rank on the first page (which typically has 10 website listings).

These spiders don’t view your site like a visitor would.

They scan your site for meta content, keyword saturation, relevant content, and many other factors.


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