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I’m rejected on a daily basis in what I do for a living, so it was easy for me to play a character who embraces rejection herself in her personal life.And I had really great fun trying to just always live in the moment and not play the end of the story, which is knowing that she’ll be okay, because I think that is what I think we always see in movies and that is what I find incredibly boring and what was so refreshing about this script COOPER: I left this part out!Well, we're sad to report that those two have split, and the wedding is off.

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So it’s an amazing opportunity for all of us to get to work on a project that’s relatable This is for all of you.

I was wondering if you had read the book and if there was one piece of common sense advice from the book that you wanted to get through in the movie? CONNOLLY: I just, I had a girlfriend and she had it on the nightstand and she’s be, like, reading it and hemming and hawing and complaining and asking me strange question.

Also, yesterday you mentioned to another reporter that you were doing Charlie’s Angels III. Everyone was able to—the most important thing is the script, the temple you can’t go in and do anything without it.

Everyone obviously decided to do this because of the writing, because they liked the idea of working with each other, the characters, and because Ken and Nan’s tone was to make this real and honest.

Because I thought it was important that she not stumble out of ignorance because none of us can relate to that in that doesn’t every woman think that she’s brilliant? And so the point for us was that the information that she has is misguiding.

And therefore her falling on her face with commitment should be humiliating in a really relatable way. GOODWIN: So it was actually great fun and I didn’t feel I had to walk any particular line.

So when she was not there I started flipping through it and I realized this was a bad idea. So I was very aware of the book, so when the movie came along and I got the role I read the book.

And I’m the only one GOODWIN: Come on, come on, give me some props her!

Some of the A-listers were more conservative about details than others, but Drew in particular was game on giving her opinions on how to conduct oneself in the romantic arena. I would love to meet a girl like Gigi who is so open to meeting to new people, and sometimes I feel like I’m living in She’s Just Not That Into You.

So my question to the ladies is, where do you think are some good places or good ways to meet women? BARRYMORE: Because I identified with that character, and I worked with my partner, Nan[cy Juvonen], who’s the producer, and the writers, and I was in the middle of Grey Gardens and directing this film, Whip It! There were so many awesome actors and I just wanted to step back.


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