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storm; ~ větra windstorm; prašna ~ dust storm burjan m.

everyday life byti (jesm, jesi, jest, jesmo, jeste, sut; byl; budu)

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The Interslavic-English dictionary currently has about 17,000 words.

timeliness, current event, immediate interest aktualny adj.

English; ~ rožek English horn, cor anglais anglosaksonsky adj. Also, because several people have worked on the dictionary simultaneously, it cannot be guaranteed that every single word has been researched properly. lawyer, advocate, attorney, solicitor advokatura f. dishonest; dishonorable, dishonourable, infamous bezdětny adj. hopeless (situation), desperate (situation) bezkarnost f. diseased; painful, achy Bolgar- ➝ Bulgar- boliglav m. brother; ~ bliznec twin brother; ~ ili sestra sibling; ~a brethren bratati se If both forms are not each other's direct neighbours in the dictionary, both forms are given separately, The same goes also for verbs whose present tense stems cannot be derived regularly from the infinitive: in those cases the third person singular is given: brati (bere). Disclaimer: Please remember that this is a work in progress. airplane ticket, airline ticket, plane ticket avialinija f. babble, tell fables, narrate; practise sorcery, conjure bajdarka f.


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