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Self-doubt creeps in, and we ask: We finally hear from our love interest three days later, and get the coveted second date for Saturday. So, why do we play mind games, even when we’re romantically attracted to the person?We’re socially conditioned to think frustration breeds desire, and our own biology helps reinforce this belief.

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Mind games, like playing hard to get, seem to work in certain situations, but experts warn they may not always be fool-proof.

Playing hard to get is usually successful when it’s with someone who shows genuine interest.

Some men and women fail at playing hard to get because they overestimate how much the other person is interested, according to Gilliard.

A 2014 study in the echoes Gilliard’s belief: if a partner is already interested and likes you, posing a challenge can boost their desire.

Previous research has found women play mind games to gauge a level of commitment from their suitor.

It’s a mating tactic that gives people the impression that they are ostensibly uninterested to get others to desire them more.

This may reflect a biological urge with the brain influencing how receptive we are to those who play hard to get. This fixation also applies to dating where we’re more likely to be drawn to someone who appears unavailable.

Since it’s in our nature to be competitive, this obsession manifests as a conquest we must hunt to get.

Researchers noted participants showed the strongest reactions when they didn’t anticipate that they’d be receiving the juice or water; it didn’t matter whether they liked the water better than the juice.

The fact that the reward was unexpected led to activation in the the nucleus accumbens, the part of the brain that is active when people are experiencing pleasurable events.


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