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They have been specially selected from the funniest jokes on the Internet.

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To see what men and women really want, the researchers examined real personal ads from the dating site

This method of analyzing dating ads is widely used in recent years because it allows researcher to look at actual preferences of people looking for a mate in a real-life situations, with real consequences.

Nonetheless, by emphasizing their humor production abilities men acknowledge that humor is a highly desired trait by women looking for a mate.

Women on the other hand, were much more likely than men to state that they want a man with a sense of humor.

Men use humor to impress women, and the funny ones succeed.

A new study published recently by Christopher Wilbur and Lorne Campbell uses the same evolutionary logic to test whether men and women differ in their humor preferences.I can't believe I made it anywhere creatively, though, because I was raised by two loving and supportive parents.Nothing squashes creativity more than unconditional love and support from a functional household.Not surprisingly, men were much more inclined to say that they have a great sense of humor and that they can make their potential date laugh.Of course, this does not mean that they actually are funny—many of them probably aren't.Dating, from first dates to last dates, can be exciting, nerve wracking, funny and just downright hilarious.Below, you will find an assortment of jokes about dating.But another question lingers: Is there a real relationship between actual manifestation of humor and romantic choices?If women are the ones who are keen for a humorous guy, we expect that funny ads will increase their attraction to that man.Women are particularly interested in a man with a sense of humor, or more specifically, someone that will make them laugh.Men on the other hand, want a date that will laugh at their jokes, not an easy task at all, as many humorless men find out the hard way.


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