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Over Drive Media Console isn’t particularly flashy or feature-rich, but it makes up for any deficits with an in-app link to library websites that makes it very easy for you to borrow new e-books or audiobooks from your local library.In effect, Over Drive brings the library to your i Pad, as users can log in with their existing library account and check out (or download) any available e-books or audiobooks to the Over Drive app.

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The i Pad, then, provides options to readers they would not have otherwise (without buying another device or removing DRM).

Yet, these options come with a price: navigating the App Store to find the apps you need to read what you want.

The app is polished, easy to use and navigate, and is fully customizable— users can modify aspects of the interface (i.e., set actions for page turning, set brightness, sort books, or lock orientation) and the reading experience (i.e., set background color, margins, text size and color, or use the publisher’s defaults).

Fuckchat book app

For readers, the killer feature is built-in support for Adobe DRM, which means that, after logging in with an Adobe ID, all books in e Pub or PDF format that use Adobe DRM can be read in Bluefire regardless of where they were purchased.

However, even if you don’t, Amazon’s Kindle app offers one of the best reading experiences on the i Pad, as it syncs your cloud-stored books (including annotations and bookmarks) across devices, includes an in-app dictionary, and can also display Mobi and PDF files that don't have DRM.

Kindle also displays library books and, unlike other library-enabled apps, it syncs the library books, along with annotations and bookmarks.

Books can be imported via i Tunes file sharing, the open in feature, or the app’s built-in connection to four major free book sites, Dropbox, and Google Search.

Perhaps the only feature e Book Mobi lacks is the ability to read books with any form of DRM, but that won’t be enough to dissuade users with a collection of ebooks in multiple formats they want to read without worrying whether converting will ruin the formatting.


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