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To SDPD and the Criminal Filthy Whore’s at the San Diego District Attorneys Office -Whom Amongst Other thing’s Refused to Invesitgate the Alterted Assault Video Altered by MTS Concerning the MTS Brutal Assault of Leslie on Bus Route 928 on 10/10/11.

That Assault Video is within this Blog and details concerning how it is Altered and MUCH More Concerning it- The County of San Diego WILL LEARN THEY will Legally LEARN that if you come into my life everything will be remembered never forgotten and never let go of.- When you observe the 08/01/11 Hacked Blog written by Leslie attached in this this blog at the Canton Ct Library, it CLEARLY States that I am I AM circling the past places I have been Gang Stalked at in order to hold them Legally Culpable responsible – These matters are being taken up for Proofs and thjey litealy dont have a Brain in their Heads Literally if they have not reconized these realities yet, The Altered MTS Video is of it self IS UNDENAIBLE At all times proof the Government is Colluding with Organised Crime- SDPD you will start to accept YOU, You Have been on Leslie’s radar since 11/5/2006, the Date of the Staged Gang Stalking event SDPD perpetrated toward’s her, Fore wheir too Folding Back ” Space” ( Location’s and State’s ) and Time (Date’s) to expose the Lie’s in the Ryhme’s-has and is Being Accomplished the ones whom are managing this from behind the scences were creatively, OUTWARDLY warned in 2004 One day I will use Your Mouth Against You YES Perjury is what I want from you and the Judge to allow it.

thru Police Court’s Doctors Jails and More- at the end of the day in part its about Racketeering and Insurance fraud schemes using the Target as a straw person for Federal and State Funds it’s absolutely also about Human Trafficking rings and Pornography ring’s, Syndacted Organized Crime Owned and Operated GROUP HOME’s- ( which are absolutely nothing but Isolated Rape Room’s Repeated CONTINULY DAILY Rapes Including Gang Rape’s Which are recorded and Sold – Remember at any time you can You Tube the Title ” Stalked in San Antonio- to witness their Raping woman in their own Home’s and the Fact that Broadcast in it of itself has a Dedicated section within this Blog that directly connects leslie to these two and another Victim s Testimony) Ie..

These Group Home’s._targets are being Criminally put in thru the described Employment descriptions in this Blog Police Courts etc….

Deborah is a Good Person who doe’s very informative activism and works very very hard to do it Today’s date is 1/27 /18- Just keep reading the thing’s you have read and will up to the two rows of 1’s Is Neccesary so you can begin to see the theme of strategies being developed and eventually implemented ( all of them Legal)- so that I Leslie williams can thru measured application’s of them solicit and or obtain attain social advocacy /support and r Legal Advocacy Concerning measured aspects of of the crime I am currently experincing as of this Now another one of the reason’s I have created these two Row’s of 1’s is, I have started a Campaign as of 1/12/18 the Campaighn itself will have Peaks and Valley’s and will be ongoing for at least a Year, Every part of the Campaign will have a strategic motive, Most of my- motive’s will not be outwardly transparent to my follower’s People like you until the time is right- Now, I make Periscope Video’s.

I have begun Several Lawyer video’s thru Periscope and have started a Lawyer Video series, I state why their made in the video’s themselve’s, and I have started a Periscope Video Series that state’s Campaighn video 1-2.I use the Periscope account and twitter account EVERYDAY , What I will be doin is posting Information that will always, ALWAYS be active- meaning I have started to ask people to assist me in the ways that are described Eventually between the 2 row’s of 1’s, which is updated at least twice a week and within the Periscope Video links’, You Tube Link’s, Gmail PDF Link’s and Lawyer’s address and whoever else I enclose within it- and it will be Updated 98 % of the time I am In this Blog- part of the information within the two rows of 1 will be set aside to describe ANY event and or situation pshysically brought about towards me that occurred within days or the Day of the Event- of the date i enter and Modify the Blog- to explain what occurred – so you can witness who and where its taken place at and at Least a possisble motive for the events- and the effects of them and THAT ABSOLUTELY includes any Police department’s and Officer, Court and or Jail/Detention Doctor or anyone else, it is all over the Internet exposed by THOUSAND”S that the perpetrator’s and particpants of this Crime are ARE Using Police Courts District Attorneys office’s Prosecutoris and Public defender’s and Doctor’s that are contracted thru them or directly connected to them to discredit the target in order to Discredit the truth their Exposing, also Police and Courts and Doctor’s used against Target’s under the guise of thru attempting to make it appear their comeing to the rescue by offering Homeless shelter services- Understand Goggle Gang Stalking and Homeless shelters This crime Intentionally wants you by people ( GANG- of Gang Stalking) so they can be used toward’s you, to set you up within these places or resuting stuations created from associateing with these places so the staged setup’s can produce effects and results,, ie….

PERIODThis was discovered on 02/05/18- Its being exposed first for the Right reason’s the 2’nd is a Direct Pay Back to The San Diego Sherrif’s Department for thier ABSOLUTE Role they played concerning the experinece’s of leslie wiliams when she was criminally detained in November 2014 after a Predicted Staged arrest of her which was brought about off of Gllman Road La Jolla Ca thru UCSD / SDPD Police – SDSD San Diegoand the Taylor Police in Taylor Mi, the Hartford Ct Police of Hartford Ct and the Detroit Police Detroit Mi are the 4 Police Departments whom have Rarely and Marginally been exposed by Leslie But MAKE NO MISTAKE their Absolute Criminal Ass’s hav’nt been forgotten Google Interstate Stalking and Gangstalking/Organized Stalking then Google it to the Police, This Crime which is Connected to Hundreds of Criminal Motivation’s is a Nation Wide Organized Crime Networking Syndacite which Generally operates on a Specific(S) template of Protocols Tactic’s techniquie’s and Covert Partnering Relationship’s, which absolutely encompasse’s Employment description’s at the Federal State County and Judicial Level, every employment despcription can be brught on Board in this Camaigh- Google it The Following is a Code Notation and statements pertaining to its pshysical locale created and utilyzed for Prediction ,security and strategic purpose’s,.

Codes have effected evidence in a wide scope in the past for leslie – This Hacked Blog has been saved in leslie’s blog on numerous dates which is done to isolate evidence and statement’s and prediction’s and other info in its sent date and time frame- a added feature of the strategic implementation’s.

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    Revolutions of the lorem points that first lami or ipsum him to me. And benath the chanw toresta lete banvela skies I have toked the Argo-Navis, and joined the chase against the l…

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