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Your contributions make it possible for us to write about important matters, not just fluff to please advertisers and RV industry big shots. As Washington lawmakers battle it out over a tax plan, everyone wonders who the winners – and losers – will be.

Published information about the House tax bill, which has already passed, could be of interest to RV buyers and present-day owners who’ve floated loans to finance their rigs.

Situated “somewhere between challenging new circumstances and the safe reassurances of familiarity,” the camp is a temporary substitute for the home — a place to dwell, to sleep, to interact socially, to prepare and eat food.

Stripped of any but the most vital conveniences, the camp is literally and figuratively Is that the way you “camp”?Improper use of electricity can lead to serious damage to an RV, even a fire, and, sad to say, even death from electric-related accidents.Welcome to the many new readers who learned about us last week in the The staff of works hard to bring you an honest, unbiased, valuable newsletter every Saturday.The park I’m in now in Texas is half occupied with seasonal or permanent residents. I see this everywhere — parks half-filled with permanent or seasonal residents or monthly renters.I walked by an entire row of RVs this morning — probably 15, mostly large fifth wheels — and there wasn’t a single car or truck in front of any of them. If you’re just passing through town, good luck finding a space.Let’s put that in perspective: If each of those RVs average two RVers, then in one year we’re talking about almost 10 Rose Bowl crowds of new RVers, or the equivalent of the entire population of Austin, Texas! Perhaps a few dozen RV parks were built this year, if that.All those new RVers will soon be competing for a space in our favorite parks. The RV industry is blind to the crisis ahead when RVers will get fed up with the crowds and will opt out of a lifestyle they once loved.Interviews appear sparingly and from a variety of personalities.Because the show airs on HBO, it has more creative freedom than a late-night basic cable talk show; and, in an interview on , Oliver made fun of the fact he can curse as much as he likes without being censored.Although in buying it, that's exactly what you would be doing!Learn about RV camping, RV travel, RV news and much more.


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