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I’m not sure of the first thing I cooked for her, but I do remember our first date.

It was supposed to be a three-person dinner with a mutual friend, and our friend didn’t show up.

We stayed in more than we went out early in our relationship and still do to this day.

Now, I really want my children to see me do what I love, which is cook. And I can schedule my children’s day perfectly, to the minute.

I’d been friends with Sarah for almost three years before we ever smooched. She didn’t have her driver’s license yet, so I was her chauffeur. She was born and raised in Manhattan and I was born in So Cal and loved to surf. ’ Is there one ’90s trend that you would never want to see come back in style? I was the guy that bleached his hair and added purple color to the tips.

And we’ve been together ever since—almost 18 years total. Then I walked the press line with Brandy for I Still Know What You Did Last Summer and all of these people were talking trash about it. I’m with Miss Norwood." [laughs] So you’re saying we’ll never see you with purple tips again? If I need a nostalgic flashback in my mid-life crisis, maybe I’ll do it.I don't think I could even deal with being nude in front of a [camera] crew. J: When Save the Last Dance opened and it was a really big success. Well, he's just as charming IRL, which is how he wooed his I Know What You Did Last Summer co-star Sarah Michelle Gellar both on set and long after the film wrapped. C launch event for Dunkin’ Donuts new cold brew coffee packs, where the actor demonstrated a recipe from his cookbook . In the beginning, I think you have to be open minded and able to get over any preconceived fantasies of what your ideal partner is like.If I was on a movie set for 15 hours a day, they would not have seen a happy father. The only thing I don’t let her play with is fire and sharp knives. My cookbook is all about saving time in the kitchen, so you can spend it with your family.But she can make steamed clams, mussels, and pizza with broccoli. So what’s an average morning like at the Prinze house?A relationship milestone like that is a pretty big achievement—especially for celebrities. News, Freddie opened up about the couple's long-lasting marriage. This was our first Thanksgiving, and while we had a lot to be grateful for on that day, it doesn't compare to all that we have now.I try very hard to be grateful and appreciative all year, but it doesn't hurt to have one dedicated day. It’s hard to focus on the present and not be distracted by everything even when you aren’t famous, so we can only imagine how much harder it is for these two. We are all pulled in so many directions, so make sure that, whichever one you are focusing on, you’re present." It’s great to see a high-profile couple last so long in Hollywood.All I need is enough time to drop them off, so that I can grab my Dunkin Donuts coffee and get to jiu-jitsu by 10.RELATED: Sarah Michelle Gellar on Her Struggle With Post-Partum Depression Do you remember the very first thing that you ever cooked for Sarah?


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