Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. maybe its just the way she does it but it cranks my tractor ..she knows it ..its not just feet its hands also ..a mater of fact if its on a woman its lick able ..if a woman wants to kiss any part of me she has an open invitation ..i cannot see why anyone thinks feet or any part of our bodies are gross or ugly I can see why feet are considered gross, because when they are bare, the majority of people show that they don't take care of their feet.I have lots of curious questions you might or might not want to answer publicly. Is it as important to you as the rest of your lover, or more important, or so important that you lover could be any age/size, whatever as long as the feet were HOT to you? I take care of my feet, but sometimes, in hot weather, it just takes a day or two of neglect for them to get nasty. Cork sandals make my feet stinky all the way up my to my nose. I guess my best experience is either when the guy is being playful or it's just a part of the lusty experience of all of me, like when I'm feeling like I won't be satisfied until we've explored every inch of each other in that crazed possessive way- it's a rare night to need that much, but it happens, so if he's *needing* my feet that badly too and that moment I need all of him, then, I'm into it just as much as he is.

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The feet are and 2nd -dary SEXUAL zone and the big toe is very phallic and in between each toe is a littel pu**y....mmmmmmm I love the sinew.tendons.bone.arch...I wanted to put in captions and quotes from foot lovers, so anyone wanting to help with the project is welcome.Yes, I'll send pictures to those who provide ideas and input. I want them immortalized while they are still beautiful. Guess it is just one of those many mysteries of good sex. When I was with my ex-fiance we had a mirror along one bedroom wall, and when I neared orgasm, I would often concentrate on the look of her feet and her calves as she dug her heels into the cheeks of my ass.Anyway, I'm gonna take a picture of me touching up my toenail polish on my cute little tootsies to send to someone who likes the feet, just because he's a likable young guy, I'm not interested in him sexually, so is that leading him on?LOL"cranks my tractor" I hate feet - feet are disgusting!!I am soooooo glad I never came across a man with a foot fetish!! However if that is you gig - go for it - with someone elses feet!! As an artist in a community of others, several of us were thinking about doing an art book on the woman's foot, well, I was, and the other's are getting in on the idea.We have some photographers and each on is thinking up a scene that would be sexy, maybe erotic, but art without being vulgar, something sitting on the coffee table not under he bed.Hey hereshecomesagain...........tryed to send a message but wasn't accepted cuz of your preferences.......going to help in your research.......esoecially the artful approach, have done some photography myself, very tasteful yet alluringfeet and big toes are a 2ndary erongenous zone in tantric get "going" grab thier feet under the arch will go voer the top I love feet..bone under the skin.they stiffen and move.toes I love to draw and paitn them...mmmmmmmmmm men's feet GQI wish I knew the answer, but for me at least they just are..... I am kind of sad about how many men have this as a secret, it's hard for them to talk to their girlfriends about it, it's very difficult to confess here, people are very hard on a foot lover, saying it's gross....well, not if you have big bunions or ingrown nails etc. when a foot is clean, and there's no issue like fungus and such, I don't know what could be gross about it, I mean, no one give butt lovers a hard time and two seconds after the azz is clean, it might not be so *clean* anymore. Sex in itself is pretty gross, LOL wonderfully gross.


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