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When we created our profile for this investigation we logged into the site and right off the bat you notice a large amount of beautiful women.This obviously in itself is not a scam but after doing so many reviews and investigating so many dating sites it becomes quickly clear that this site is not operating in an honest manner.If your circumstances mean you need to receive your ATO mail through the post, call us on 13 28 61.

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How can you meet them, when they are not actual members of the site?

These profiles are strictly created to visually attractive male members into joining the site and that is it.

Flirt is unfortunately no different than the other sites that we have uncovered for deceptive business practices.

In this review we will show you exactly how they run their operation.

Your agent will not have access to your my Gov Inbox – instead they will see copies via their own Tax Agent Portal or BAS Agent Portal. See also: You can save or print your mail for your own records.

If you need another copy of an ATO letter, call us on 13 28 61.Of course there is absolutely no reason to upgrade when none of the email messages are of course real.And the last piece of the puzzle is that this site uses paid employees to communicate with you via email and instant message on the site.Our messages in your my Gov Inbox may contain: If your mobile phone number or email address is on your ATO record, you may also get SMSs or emails directly from us reminding you of important dates or asking you to contact us.If you receive an SMS or email that you think is fraudulent, you can report it to [email protected] See also If you use a tax agent or BAS agent, they will be able to see a copy of the digital letters, SMS and emails that we have sent to your my Gov Inbox. You can only forward your my Gov messages to your My Post Digital Mailbox.However if you relink you will be able to see the ATO message you previously received to your inbox.I shared one of those funny Facebook photos recently that said, "Madonna is 55, her boyfriend is 22. I had to laugh at the high maintenance comment I heard time and time again from these young men.So what you are really looking at is just an image gallery and nothing more than that.These women are not members of the site and you can never meet them in person because they're not registered as members on this dating service.If you have vision impairment and use adaptive technology, you may not be able to access ATO letters sent through my Gov. People with vision impairment can call us for help on 13 28 61.If you have a my Gov account linked to us, you will automatically receive your ATO mail via your my Gov Inbox.


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