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Which is in part why, three years ago, I started a Twitter account, @Grindr Racism to encourage Grindr to remove offensive profiles.

Disappointingly Grindr has often been slow to act though – meaning sexual racism is still present on the app.

And in the way that this has impacted girls for so long, now this pressure is impacting on boys’ well-being.

One recent study found almost one in five boys had resorted to diet pills, purging, skipping meals, steroids or tanning products to change their appearance.

These models also tend to have a full head of hair and symmetrical faces.

The same goes for porn sites – where almost all of the men featured are equally ripped and stereotypically “handsome”.

Then there are the boys’ action dolls that have gained muscle and lost body fat with each successive edition.

Add this to the fact that 80% of the men featured in popular media such as Men’s Health magazine are of a muscular body build – with many of these models taking drastic measures in the weeks leading up to photos shoots to make sure they look lean.

Of course apps aren’t the cause of racism around sexual preferences.

Instead like appearance pressures, users are influenced by what’s going on in wider society.


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