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I'm also considering login scripts that write the user and computer names to a known location I can reference, but some of our users don't like to logout for 15 days at a time.If there is an elegant solution that uses login scripts, definitely mention it - but if it happens to work for merely unlocking the station, that would be even better!I verified that it does create the computer account as well in AD with the new name. Join Domain Or Work Group($domain ,($cred.getnetworkcredential()).password, $cred.username, $OU, 33) $comp.rename($newname,$cred.getnetworkcredential()).password,$cred.username) I was looking for the same thing today and finally got a way to do it.

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According to my Internet research, Power Shell 2.0 at one point before release had a built-in cmdlet called Rename-Computer, but it was removed for reasons unknown in CTP 3. Result: Return value from Rename-Computer is 1326 (Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password).

$str Comp Name = Read-host 'Name ' $str Admin = read-host "Authorized user for this operation " $str Domain = read-host "Name of the domain to be joined " add-computer -Domain Name $str Domain -Credential $str Admin Rename-computer -newname $str Comp Name -Domain Credential $str Admin -- Join With New Name: Renames the computer name in the new domain to the name specified by the New Name parameter.

When you use the New Name parameter, this option is set automatically.

This option is designed to be used with the Rename-Computer cmdlet. Send Keys]:: Send Wait(“”) start-sleep –Seconds 1 [System.

If you use the Rename-Computer cmdlet to rename the computer, but do not restart the computer to make the change effective, you can use this parameter to join the computer to a domain with its new name. PSCredential($username,$password) Rename-Computer -New Name $new Name -Local Credential admin -Force Write-Host "Please waiting for a moment to change Domain and then restart" -Foreground Color Red Add-Computer -Computer Name $old Name -Domain Name $domain -Options Join With New Name -Credential $credential -Restart As nobody answer, I try something : I think I understand why Attent one does not work. Interaction]:: Input Box("Enter Desired Computer Name ") $computername.rename("$name") #Now Join to Domain Add-Computer -Domain Name [domainname] -Credential [user\domain] -Verbose Restart-Computer -Domain Name = Your domain name (e.g. -New Name = What you want to rename the computer (e.g.


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