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10 episode, their chemistry gathered some intense momentum."We started the whole arc off very subtly — and very unsatisfyingly to some viewers," says executive producer David Shore.

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We're all left wondering why he did it." As for how House copes with his decision, Shore remains coy: "We're going to deal with the fallout.

We're not going to have him pining for the rest of the season, but we want to at least give a nod to the end of the relationship." But is it really over?

As Ward says, Stacy's exit "definitely leaves things open.

We talked about it before I left — it's such a tricky story line.

by Peter Rubin The biggest question on Fox's House (Tuesdays at 9 pm/ET) this season hasn't been whether the brilliant Dr. We first met Stacy when her husband needed medical treatment at Princeton-Plainsboro.

Gregory House (Hugh Laurie) can cure all of those disturbing diseases — it was whether the seemingly unlovable lug would be able to win back his true love, Stacy Warner (Sela Ward), the beautiful — and married — lawyer who returned last season to shake up House's world. Ever since then, House has ceaselessly angled to get back in her life — and in the Jan.Carradine, whose previous long-term series gig was as the girl-toy of Sela Ward's ex-husband on Once and Again, chatted with about life in TV's "other" West Wing. Tiffany had a little heart of gold, the sweet thing. You know, I was only supposed to do one episode, maybe two, and then I ended up doing three years, so.... TVGuide.com: When this plum Commander in Chief opportunity came up, did you make a beeline for it?TVGuide.com: I totally remember you as Once and Again's Tiffany. TVGuide.com: It was always so cute/pathetic when she tried to win over Sela Ward's kids. TVGuide.com: That show had such a great cast, and such quality. Carradine: I was sent a ton of pilot scripts, and Commander in Chief was one of them.That gets a little bit more extreme." Maybe House should find a cure for broken hearts.2.4.06 - Don't miss the article on Sela Ward entitled "The Goodbye Girl" on page 33 of the February 6th issue of TV Guide.8.7.06 - TVGuide.com: Evan Rachel Wood will play a younger Uma Thurman in the indie thriller In Bloom, about a woman haunted by survivor's guilt years after a high school shooting....2.14.06 - TV Guide Online: Has House Lost Stacy for Good?And in true House fashion, the doc's motivations will remain somewhat mysterious."Before Stacy came along," Shore says, "he was this curmudgeon — and he's still a curmudgeon, but he had love, and he sends it out of his life. - Don't miss Susanna Thompson in the premiere of her new show, The Book of Daniel, on NBC at 9pm ET on January 6th. - Audrey Marie Anderson (who played Carla in the second season) has replaced Amy Acker in CBS's mid-season series, The Unit.


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    Jan 5, 2010. Posts about Evan Rachel Wood written by B. Evan is also working on a TV series right now–“True Blood”–and is even rumored to be dating the. If this is true, it certainly is a step up from Manson and even Shane West.…

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