Error updating the administration application pool credentials

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Therefore, you will not see all setting fields in this dialog.

The available options depend on what channels are available for this sensor.

This setting is only available if stacked graphs are selected above. All channels with this unit will be stacked on top of each other.

You see a list with the names of all items that are available to monitor.

Add check marks in front of the respective lines to select the desired items. You can also use the check box in the table head to select and deselect all items. This setting determines where the sensor is placed in sensor lists. Choose from one star (low priority) to five stars (top priority).

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Error updating the administration application pool credentials virtual dating worlds

The Virtual Path and Physical Path do not need to match which is one of the true benefits of IIS.Shows the name of the application pool that this sensor monitors.Once a sensor is created, you cannot change this value. If you need to change this, please add the sensor anew.The sensor can try to re-reach and check a device several times, depending on the option you select here, before it will be set to a Sensors that monitor via Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) always wait at least one scanning interval until they show an error.It is not possible to set a WMI sensor to "down" immediately, so the first option will not apply to these sensor types. Inheritance for schedules, dependencies, and maintenance windows cannot be interrupted.You can change the available intervals in the system administration on PRTG on premises installations.Define the number of scanning intervals that a sensor has time to reach and check a device again in case a sensor query fails.Windows Process Activation Service (WAS) encountered a failure when it started a worker process to serve the application pool.settings, please prefer using Windows domain credentials.The settings you choose will be valid for all sensors that you create when you finish this dialog.The following settings for this sensor differ in the Add Sensor dialog in comparison to the sensor's settings page.


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