Error 530 validating sender

You can also refer your provider to we are presently seeking to have this situation rectified since it is causing some issues in contacting our members abroad.

Today a client called me and she couldn’t get her brand new Windows 8 to send mail thru Go Daddy’s SMTP server.

It would sure cut down on their call volume I would think!

NOTE: The IP address of the server smtpout.will change according to your location.

550 SC-002 (COL0-MC1-F34) Unfortunately, messages from 1.34 weren't sent.

Please contact your Internet service provider since part of their network is on our block list.

Even though I got a reply, it still wouldn’t authenticate. As soon as we put the IP address in the configuration of both the I-Phone and the I-Pad, woohoo….. Go Daddy should be aware of this issue, but apparently they’re not.

Maybe I should call them and offer them the resolution for a fee.

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