Elucidating the quantum structure of electroweak interactions in physics

These theories were without a mathematical foundation, but Veltman suspected that the Yang-Mills theory had to be the key to the problem, and had started designing a computer program to prove it. The next year ‘t Hooft attended a summer course in Corsica under Maurice Lévy.He formulated Feynman rules and derived identities for the Yang-Mills particles and in 1971 published his fi ndings.

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Ich binetwas beunruhigt, weil ein solch kleines Blatt auf einem Foto schlecht rüberkommt.

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The two men then used Veltman’s computer to calculate the properties of the W and Z particles predicted by the theory.

The ‘t Hooft- Veltman model allowed scientists to calculate the physical properties of other subatomic particles.

This is exactly how it happens: A perfectionist at work!

Als ich ‘t Hooft um seine „Nobel-Zeichnung“ bitte, fegt erden großen Papierbogen, den ich ihm angeboten habe,beiseite und fragt nach einem Standard-A4-Blatt.

One particle goes up, the other down, where the arrow in the ‘wrong’ direction indicates that this is an antiparticle.

Then, to the right, the two particles combine again and the photon continues on its ways.

Veltman had been working on a paper by CN Yang and RL Mills regarding massless particles, which was considered brilliant but useless for, as he explained to his student: “It describes particles which do not exist”.

Scientists had formulated several different theories in attempts to describe the electromagnetism and the weak nuclear force as the products of one single force.


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