Her head is bowed out of the site of the camera and swaying slightly.2.30am GMT: April seems pretty weary – she's trawling around and looks quite uncomfortable.12am GMT: April is prowling around her enclosure, head bowed.9pm GMT: Vet Dr Tim examines April’s udders and shows how he feels for discomfort in the pregnant giraffe.

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Thing is, she's not sure if she should hope for a boy or a girl: built by football or shaped around it.

Crawl into You by kueble-fic Only Cash tends to hug like he does everything else in the world – with his entire body and soul.

the romance of west texas never gave me good advice by minervacat She'd never meant to marry a coach; she'd meant, growing up, specifically to not marry a coach.

Singer/Cash Things To Do In Pete's House When You're Bored by mintyfiend"Booby traps," Singer corrects."Obviously, I mean, since you're not--""Well, I am," Cash blurts out, and his eyes widen just a little.

Throw in the facts that he hadn’t seen Nate walking up and that he’s just the tiniest bit hungover, with a headache lurking somewhere behind his eyes but never actually making itself known, and he’s downright incoherent.“If you were an animal,” Nate says, slower, “what animal would you be?


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