Doctor dating patient cool off period

He wrote extensively on it, and he even attempted to use it as a springboard to medical fame.

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He ordered a gram of pure, unadulterated cocaine – far more potent than the cut substances sold on the street today – and swallowed just a twentieth of it.

After his first trial, Freud reported, “Long intensive mental or physical work is performed without any fatigue.

While humans had been chewing coca leaves for thousands of years, the synthesized cocaine hydrochloride had been around only for some 25 years when it crossed Freud’s path.

In 1884, Freud read an article about a German soldier who had collapsed from exhaustion, and, after swallowing cocaine, stood up and walked “easily and cheerfully with a pack on his back.” Looking for his big break in medicine, Freud decided to test the drug himself and report his findings.

The essay chronicles a short history of the coca plant and cocaine, explains its effects, and praises its possible uses in psychology and medicine.

The tone of Freud’s writing reflects his infatuation with the drug; he calls his paper a “song of praise” for the “magical drug,” and refers to the high as a “gorgeous excitement.” As Freud studied cocaine, his friend, Carl Koller, also researched the drug.

He and Freud cauterized her nose with cocaine, which was legal at the time, and sometimes used as a local anesthetic and for cauterization.

They shoveled gram after gram of pure cocaine up Emma’s nose; the chemicals burned through her tissue and sinuses, emitting both a surge of pus and the putrefying smell of burning flesh.

In 1895, the young psychoanalyst tried to treat a young woman’s stomach pains by stuffing her nose full of cocaine.

His unexpected failure sent him on a course of drug addiction that changed the course of psychiatric history.


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