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It is common for those converting to a new religion to change their name on conversion.At the heart of Hinduism remains mans' essential quest for union with the Absolute supreme the brahm An.In addition to tradition and moral order, it also signifies the path of knowledge and correct action ( Dharma ).Probably the most well-known example is that of boxer 'Cassius Clay' changing his name to 'Muhammad Ali' when he converted to the Islamic faith.Another well known case of a convert to Islam changing his name is that of famous pop singer 'Cat Stevens' who adopted the name 'Yusuf Islam' after becoming a Muslim.Unlike other genes, it is affected and altered by the decisions we make and don't make.It is transformed by compassion and deformed by the lack of it.Other rabbis differ, pointing to Ruth, the most famous female convert to Judaism, who did not change her Moabite name at all.Still other rabbis hold that all converts should be named Abraham or Sarah, the very names they were given when they "converted" to the service of God.In addition, those taking religious orders usually take a 'name in religion'.It is common for converts to Islam to choose an Islamic name on conversion, although it is not usually compulsory.


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