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“It’s a lonely, maddening feeling to not be able to write your way out of your own song, and sometimes the ideas of other people that you would never have been able to generate with a hundred years in your bedroom really help,” Dessa says.It’s not that the rappers in Doomtree don’t have a killer instinct or a passion to be great–but when a rock band is working on an album, the bassist isn’t trying to show up the guitar player. “I got this beat from Lazerbeak in my batch, and I knew there was something I liked about it, but I couldn’t get anything to happen with it.

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I couldn’t be prouder of my hometown for being so supportive and nurturing to all of our artists up here. Sims: GAYNGS is everyone in the world, and that’s what makes it amazing.

Sims: People say rap is dead every year, and without fail, every year amazing rap music is created. Maybe a silly question, but are any of you T-Wolves fans?

Given our bad luck in the draft over the last 20 years, it was semi-encouraging to see us only drop one spot last night and claim the 2nd overall pick.

Time will tell, I guess, but at this point, things can pretty much only get better.

Sims and I both hop up a couple times throughout her set to contribute. That said, we expect to be done with a new Doomtree crew record sooner than later.

Are you going to be debuting anything new, Dessa, or sticking to your guns primarily? Lazerbeak: Right now we’re just in the production stage, so we’ve been stacking up a ton of beats to see where we’re at. S, Paper, and myself have been making all the beats together.The Minneapolis-based rap collective Doomtree isn’t a throwback act–their beats are fiercely contemporary, and the five rappers who collaborate with the crew’s two DJs are ferocious wordsmiths with forward-thinking rhymes–but the idea of hip-hop as a collaborative enterprise is very much alive in the group’s work., was released in late January, and the group’s SXSW appearances marked the culmination of two months of touring. But in a medium where one of the most famous verses of the past two years featured one of the world’s most successful rappers vowing that his approach to creativity involves “trying to murder” his contemporaries, looking to make great music collaboratively, rather than competitively, is downright radical. As long as I get what I’m trying to get in there, I’m going to feel good about it.”Pressure can make for great art, but it can also confine creative impulses.In the cabin, the process isn’t so much “whose idea wins” as “whose idea was first and good.” The members of Doomtree wait for inspiration to strike, but they don’t do much waiting beyond that–the second good idea might be better, but there’s not a lot of time when you’re on a small budget and a small label, with five rappers in the room, to debate them endlessly..”One of the advantages to working collaboratively is that with so many voices in the room–especially when they belong to people who are as comfortable working and creating together as the Doomtree rappers are–good ideas tend to naturally get elevated.“Writing on a Doomtree record is so much more fun for me because it’s an exercise in interpretation. Loosening that up can take ideas in unexpected directions–and that’s something that comes out for Doomtree in the cabin, too.“I don’t have to have a verse, or I can make my verse a little bridge. “I find it really fun–it allows me to be more playful and take more risks, because if they don’t work, I don’t care.”Ultimately, for the rappers in Doomtree, collaboration is freedom.As a faction not included in any of these scenes, what’s your take on it all? I listen to rap music from every region of the country.There is good stuff everywhere, just like there’s bad stuff everywhere. Definitely not trying to get caught up in an Odd Future debate, but I gotta say, I’m happy to see those kids having fun, doing things on their own terms, and winning so hard right now.There was a time when hip-hop was all about collaboration.Late 1970s successes like Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five and the Sugarhill Gang gave way to new school groups like Run-DMC, the Beastie Boys, and Public Enemy. Whatever it is, it’s a stressful and really hard process, whereas making a record with Doomtree, you get to hang out with your friends.Sims: To be sure, I’m a T-wolves fan, but I’m a bigger fan of the NBA in general.The talent pool and caliber of play is something special. Beasley has had his moments, but in my opinion, he needs to figure out his role on the team to take care of some of his consistency issues.It’s bleak now, but I think the Wolves have a strong future ahead. Michael Beasley, Kevin Love, Sebastian Telfair, and Anthony Randolph are all budding stars, and Wesley Johnson got named to the all-rookie team. I’m just an NBA enthusiast, and I’d like to get a local’s perspective.Dessa: Peyton Manning is a professional quarterback for the Indianapolis NFL team, the Colts.


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