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According to their You Tube Channel, the couple split last year in May 2017 and are no more in a dating relationship. Let’s find out: When Derek Deso met his ex-girlfriend, Lycette Cornejo for the first time, she had a boyfriend then.However, it looks like Derek’s ex-girlfriend, Lycette is dating another boyfriend, whose name is Michael and has a daughter. Derek has not mentioned the name of his parents nor has revealed them. However, no any videos have been uploaded to the channel since March 2017.At present, Derek is not dating anyone and is single. Born in the year 1987 in Paramount, California, Derek Deso’s birthday is on 27th of April. With the upcoming birthday celebration, Derek Deso’s age will be 31. However, he did have said that he loves his family a lot. In one of Derek’s videos, he has mentioned that his mother is an independent woman who raised him and his brothers alone. Derek runs two other You Tube Channels: “Derek Deso” which has over 1.5 million subscribers and “Derek Deso Daily” which has over 468k subscribers.But when Michelle asks Edwin out, Edwin plays it so cool that he talks himself right out of a date.Meanwhile, it's obvious to Nora (Joy Tanner) and Casey that Derek is doing his best to sabotage any chance with Sally.Ever since Sally (Kate Todd) turned him down a few weeks ago, Derek's (Michael Seater) been using his patented "Freeze Out" strategy and it seems to be working.Sally has sent Casey (Ashley Leggat) to find out if Derek's still interested, but Derek's motto is "treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen." Derek shares his dating technique with Edwin (Daniel Magder).When I was in the hospital for 40 some days all I did was watch your channel.Thanks for making it easier, you 2 are the best!!!!Now everyone's mad at Derek; and Sally never wants to see him again.Amanda blames Ralph for letting her get involved in Derek's scheme; and Edwin decides ...


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