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'I was in Majorca with some girlfriends and I did that because my friends think we are taking a beautiful photo in Africa or the Sahara - they don't know I am taking my boob out - it's not funny for everyone but it's funny for me,' she said.Handler's latest project is Chelsea Does, a four-part Netflix docu-series she premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January.She and I were good friends for a short period of time." Check out more of David's interview and see what he had to say about almost being killed by a lion.

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This incident inspired him to come up with a show called After The Attack in Animal Planet.

In the year 2000, he left his hometown Canada to go to Africa for the controversial Tiger “rewilding” project.

Then treats the work with all his skills and talents and takes it ultimately to whole another level.

He was a student of zoology at the Laurentian University.

Subsequently, in the year 1998, he began his apprenticeship as an animal trainer at Bowmanville Zoological Park.

Once he was even attacked by a trained African male lion.

Currently, he hosts and produces Rogue Nature in the Discovery Channel and After the Attack and Into The Pride on Animal Planet.

Interestingly, he has started producing Deadly Islands in which he would go to the world’s most remote islands where he would live along with some of the deadliest predator on the planet.

The name Dave Salmoni rings with one truth, and that is he is a talented man.

The adjective talented best suits him because he takes his work in television channels like Discovery, Animal Planet very seriously.


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