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Also, the all-too-neat converging plot lines fit together in movie-magic perfection, but if the story is supposed to be realistic, why rely on the convenience of trite predictability? I'm already against it, so why make me uncomfortable?This girlfriend of his wins the award for Least Developed Character EVER. She tries to leave (unrealistic though that may be) but he kisses her some more. Next thing you know, young and impressionable Jake just got himself a promotion (Meryl Streep sees his picture and asks, "What is he? He's really distraught/distracted but tries to get into the mood by grabbing her, picking her up, and throwing her on the bed. Honestly, though, I couldn't focus on it all that much because I couldn't watch half of the scenes Jake was in (due to the torture content). I'll just say it's probably the best Jake's ever done. If they're giving out awards for this one, he definitely deserves a piece of the action.

A man came out and introduced a woman who came out and introduced Gavin Hood who came out and introduced the key players of the film. Surely there are countless compelling stories that could be told, or even fictional ones that don't tie together in a neatly unrealistic way. That's not to say that as a piece of art, it didn't work.

After the behind-the-scenes peeps, the actors came out. Overall, is a beautifully done film; it looks good from all angles.

He was a little surprised but his view of me didn't change which I was quite happy about. We discussed it and I was explaining that this realationship would probably be judged a lot and be quite creepy in other people's perspective.

I ended the subject by saying that I'd decide in the next couple days, but he's now asking for an answer.

Give me a movie this serious, and I'll give you an analysis even at the Toronto Film Festival is that I never have to see it again. This movie left me with tons of questions, just not about the practice of extraordinary rendition. Was I supposed to feel sympathy for the suicide bomber? I was too busy being lectured on the values of his culture to get a full portrait of him. For me, that's what caused the questions I walked out with.

By the time it was over, I already knew how this review was going to go. The many plots, the many storylines...everything is emotional, but nothing is personal. There were times when I was taken away from the story because I was blinded by the overwhelming "This is IMPORTANT! True, the of the film is important and serious, but the biggest problem with this movie is that it confuses itself for the message. However, it left me depressed and uncomfortable, and did so without giving me the satisfaction of knowing that my response was the result of a genuine connection to what I'd seen unfold on screen.It's perfect in its execution, but flawed in its conception.But when I first met him I was rather concerned about revealing my age to him since he was a 15 year old and I'm a 12 year old.I'm quite mature for my age though, so when he and his friends met me they all thought I was 14.No doubt it is impressive, but the balance between art and politics was not one that I, personally, found most effective.(I say this knowing that everyone I was sitting with in the theater will disagree with me.) Amidst the Important Message, it forgot that it's "just" a movie.I've been trying to decide for the last 3 days and I've had no luck.Really, I want to give in and be with him but at the same time I feel as though this is wrong. I would've explained in greater detail but unfortunately I don't have the time.When they started jumping to conclusions we were both shipped with each other by his friends, which led me to gradually develop some feelings for him.At that point I was really nervous to tell him my age, but I finally got the guts to do it.


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