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Watch Video We’re in the midst of an extinction crisis, losing wildlife species at extraordinary rates.

It’s going to take all of us, working together to save species from extinction and create a better world for animals here and around the globe.

Destiny Rose explains how you can make dietary choices better with the help of some Ancient Greek philosophy: [...] Watch Video What do you want to be when you grow up? Arman Razaali encourages you to rethink the question and discover what you truly strive for every day, success, and how to attain it.

Watch Video Can spoken word spark a light to unmotivated students?

As an advocate fighting for society’s most vulnerable people, political activist Mercedes Fulbright shares her story about the legacy trauma leaves as she unpacks her shame and Imposter Syndrome. You watched your entire village burn to the ground.

In a heartfelt, honest talk at TEDx SMUWomen, she reveals how the shift in perception has shaped and influenced her work in dismantling systems of oppression. People heal from the smallest to largest assaults on their humanity every day, and when we look at the basic components for how people heal, we realize so can we.

However, Mary overcame these anxieties and found her own voice after starting her own nonprofit, Story Power Inc.

Watch Video This TEDx talk is about the perpetuation of stereotypes through the media, specifically in the case of young African-American men.

What if that [...] Watch Video We now have technology that can design a human, and even have a gorilla give birth to a human baby. Meintjes, the Chief Operating Officer of the Frisco Institute for Reproductive Medicine, shares stories from the field and asks the question: now that we have the technology, how ought we to use its [...] Watch Video Pay close attention.

Leadership lessons are everywhere – in leaps of faith, in difficult relationships, in both trials and triumphs.


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