Dating rituals of the united states for teens

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- tips for valet each time you retrieve your car (none when you give it to the valet) are common.

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Say something like: "May I have some change for the tip, please? " Tipping is also common in the service and hospitality industry, from valet to housekeepers at your hotel.Waiters' and waitresses' salaries are small so they depend on tips.If you posses an i Phone or Blackberry, there are applications that calculate tips (many smartphones also include a calculator, which comes in handy.) Since sales tax is often around 9%, an easy way to calculate a tip is to look for the sales tax amount on the check and double it; if it's 9% and you double it, you'll get a figure that is 18% of the 'food/drink' amount.Millions of American families have etiquette books in their library.If you are traveling to the United States on business or for a lengthy stay, you might want to consider consulting Emily Post's Etiquette (first published in 1922 and now in its 18th edition) or Amy Vanderbilt's Etiquette (first published in 1952).In all states, however, the drinking age is set at 21 for both sexes and is fairly well enforced with ID checks by the alcohol seller.Furthermore, it is illegal in most states to provide a minor with alcohol even in the company of his parents.You can provide the tip to the server in one of 2 ways: Be aware that there are different type of restaurants that have different 'tipping protocols'.In general, one does not tip at a 'fast food restaurant'.In some less expensive 'sit down' (not 'fast food') restaurants where there is an actual server, you might be expected to pay the cashier near the door of the establishment as you are leaving.In such a case, you'll receive a check from the server but you will take the check to the cashier and you'll pay the cashier.


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