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Well, I (not to think) it (to be) good to eat a lot of meat. He (to learn) English now because he (to want) to get a better job. The teacher (to know) the girl often (not to argue) with pupils. I don't think it will be a problem for me to choose a good job in the future as I'm really interested in foreign languages, cultures and countries and I hope I'll work as a translator or teacher of foreign languages some day. Dear Tom, Thank you for your letter, it gave me a lot of new information about young people, living in Great Britain.

Well, I (not to think) it (to be) good to eat a lot of meat.

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He (to be) embarrassed because he (to yawn) his head off. I (to think) monkeys (to like) apples very much." "Yes, dear," said her mother. Come along." Agnes enjoyed herself very much in the lion house. When the lions and tigers (to have) their dinner, mother? I (to write) a letter to my grandmother who (to live) in Novgorod. My friends from Switzerland (to speak) four languages. I usually (to get) up at seven o'clock in the morning. And they (to make) a big noise before their dinner time, so everybody (to know) they (to be) hungry." 1. "Now I (to want) to go and see the lions and tigers. "Mother," she said, "the tiger (to want) a drink: it (to go) to the dish of water there in the corner. " "The keepers (to bring) them great pieces of meat every day at four o'clock. On Sunday we sometimes (to go) to the cinema or to a disco club. Andrew (to get) up very early as he (to live) far from school. I've lived in the USA my whole life but I'd really love to travel to other countries... It’s great that you have already chosen your future job! I also like foreign languages, different cultures and I enjoy travelling, but I don’t think that translation or being a professor is something for me. Is it easy to rent a house or an apartment for students in Russia? Summer is coming and I want to look my best: healthy, energetic and physically fit. Are you ready to leave your family immediately after you finish school? By the way, I'm going to spend a month at the seaside this summer... Nowadays, the healthy lifestyle becomes more and more popular and I don’t see anything bad in it. They (to think) he (to learn) fast, he (to know) English well and he (to speak) English fluently. But at the moment I (to enjoy) my favourite film "Gone with the Wind".


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