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Read More Today I had to meet one of my high school mate. Read More Hello Everyone, I started my day by going outside and jogging for a mile, that makes me feel like I have the eye of the tiger, then I proceed to perform strecthes, stomach crutches and pushups, and finally finished the morning workout by lifting...

Read More My name is suzani, am single and seeking a serious relationship..

Everyone has preferences and online, especially on POF - you'll encounter more quantity than anything else, so I can't fault anyone for listing what they don't want.

No one wants to waste more time weeding through the undesirables, incompatible or those they don't find attractive. I wouldn't fault someone for their choices, it's their right and some harp, b*tch and moan, so much about others preferences, which I sometimes think it may be due to them not being a part of the person's preference.

Many many many things don't violate the law, but are pretty bad. just found out today, markus is cleaning out all profile photos that don't have a human being in them.

Listing a few things, a few things, that they don't want -- to weed out, I agree. Too bad, that used to tell a lot about some people.I actually left a few out:goldigger, people who want a partner for reasons other than love, such as to get out of the house, to have a baby, an arrangement between friends, or for appearances or political reasons. On the other hand, I'm definitely below a 5 on the attractive scale (someone had to be...) so I'll usually wait to meet people before I decide that their red flag quality is something I can't deal with.'cause i'm highly intelligent :)*snort*naw, I finally got a msg here, and found out it was Uncle Markus, and read it and thought WTF I haven't put up a photo..then saw my profile had been altered.ah well, its a free site, I get what I pay for."so I can't find fault with anyone listing what they don't want"here, here.They are usually wackier than the list they run from.A few preferences or likes and dislikes are ok but when you start making lists the problem might be you.Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...Read More ANY ONE THAT'S EVER WALKED A MILE IN MY SHOES AND FELT THE SHIT THAT I FEEL KNOWS, HOW IT IS TO WALK THROUGH A DEMOLITION ZONE EVERY DAY WITH NO HARD HAT OR STEEL TOES, LIKE HOW IT MUST HAD BEEN FOR M. Read More I JUST WANT YOU TO FEEL AS MUCH PAIN AS I DO, LAY AWAKE AT NIGHT, EYES FILLED WITH TEARS, WONDERING WHY YOU, CAN'T LET GO OF A PERSON THAT HAS DONE NOTHING BUT HURT YOU AND LIE TO, AND I WANT YOU TO WANT ME BAD AS I WANT YOU AND FEEL AS BAD AS I DO ...Read More I'M JUST THE CUT ABOVE, ABOVE THE TOP OF THE CUT, I'M IN AND OUT THE CUT WITH YOUR SLUT, YOU AIN'T EVEN MADE THE CUT, YOU JUST AIN'T CUT OUT, WHEN I TALK TO YOUR BITCH, KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT AND JUST BUT OUT, I DON'T WANT YOUR SLUT, THE ONLY REASON T...I am new here on this site and i really want to see how it will work for me, i have been hurt before that is why i am on the site I am a very happy easy going person with sense of humor, I enjoy the company of good people having good conversations,...Read More I dream to meet a strong and spirited person.


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