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Also surprising, is whom the police suspected: his best friend, prominent because he was in love with Kolman’s wife.

Also surprising, is whom the police suspected: his best friend, prominent because he was in love with Kolman’s wife.

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I think she will make friends – she’s a chameleon like many other sociopaths and will make friends there. I think people like to imagine her getting her ass kicked on a daily basis but I don’t think that is how it’ll be.Reminder: Please don’t put here on our blog any of your personal details. For more information and inquiries regarding your card, please go to the nearest GSIS branch or visit their website at ph/. Do you find any redemption or good in either of them after hearing these perspectives & opinions from those closest to the killers?Do you humanize either Rachel Shoaf or Shelia Eddy in even the slightest after hearing these interviews?As this case has evolved with layers upon layers of diabolical content, sources poured in to us with leads & visuals, all the while we were able to not only maintain, but strengthen our original positions.We have an interview with Rachel Shoaf’s best friend from childhood who felt so compelled to share her thoughts that she reached out to us, & another Shelia Eddy family member speaks out on everything from getting rid of the murder weapon to the sex tape in evidence, & more.We bet Rachel Shoaf has also been instructed to remain silent & not speak before being sentenced because the State & the Court does not want the highly sensitive evidence involving a sex tape of minors to come out.We agree, it serves no purpose, but just know, Marsha Ashdown’s statements as to why they killed Skylar are just as amateurish & simplistic as the first bullshit reason Rachel Shoaf gave to authorities, “” It was that unacceptable motive that infuriated News Ball to take it upon ourselves to dig deep into this mystery for the past year now.Murphy introduced the information in court in an argument to oppose a delay in Nanette Johnston's trial slated to begin this month. If you would like to write to Shelia Eddy, like we have done, & give her a piece of your mind, here is her mailing address as she has arrived at her final destination: Lakin Correctional Center Shelia Eddy #58614-1 11264 Ohio River Road West Columbia, WV 25287Here you can look at Shelia’s new friends – 20 pages of them.


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