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R192 I wonder why he's not getting the top tier modeling jobs anymore then... his gay bosses) gift him stuff & sponsor his trips - in the vain hope he’ll put out.But he's straight when someone else initiates the same touching because he doesn't want to admit he's gay. Obviously gay men are the ones most impressed by male beauty and want to fly him everywhere.Pietro realizes that, gay men are his bread and butter.The barbell squat requires “good form” they say, indicating that it is a skill (unlike say walking, which requires no measurable degree of skill for a normal human being, or a horizontal leg press which requires categorically less skill than a free standing barbell back squat – something grandma can do).Well, skill based movement in a fatiguing and progressive protocol = a recipe for disaster.He looked better in person, and he came across as a very sweet, unassuming type.He was with a guy and girl just as attractive as him. Definitely a head-turner.[quote] I watched him walk into a Peek & Cloppenburg ... R156, how do you deduce that someone “comes across as sweet” just by watching them go in a store? He has an official girlfriend whom he doesn't give 1/100th of the attention that the she gives to him. IMHO he is bisexual and does what a lot of bi do: he gets a steady girlfriend while he trolls for dick on the side. See, this is exactly why a lot of straight dudes don’t hang around certain types of gay men. (photo below)R40, many current models (Burberry, Prada) aren’t masculine at all. They either look femme, anorexic or just plain weird. Yes a lot of traditional fashion models are somewhat fem or non traditional in gender expression.You know,looking at Op's pic, I had a realization ! Some gay men want to insinuate any man who is close to gay guys is also gay. But fitness modeling, which is booming, likes guys who exude an ultra masculine Alpha effect Only in the DL you will find people pretending that someone who hangs 24/7 around gays and goes to Mykonos every summer with an all-male, all-gay crew to party at one of those Matinée Circuit events... It's like closeted fags feel the urge to cover each other!(source) Russian roulette with a multi-hundred pound barbell x 500,000 trigger pulls = someone getting hurt.“But I’ve squatted for many years with no injuries” : says the turkey.


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