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In the 1950s, however, the Belgians urged the Hutu to challenge Tutsi power.

In 1959 Hutu leaders overthrew the Tutsi monarchy in Rwanda. In Burundi, the change to independence was more peaceful.

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The Hutu, Tutsi, and Twa all speak a Central Bantu language.

Dating language burundi site

It is called Kinyarwanda in Rwanda, and Kirundi in Burundi. Like other Bantu languages, both use nouns with prefixes.

For example, the word Banyamulenge ("Ba-nya-mulenge") can be divided into parts.

The prefix "banya" means "people"; "Mulenge" is the name of a region.

Personal names may be based on events, poetry, or beliefs.

The name Ndagijimana means "God is my herder." Hakizumwami means "only the king can save." Muvunanyambo means "the defender of noble cows." Tutsi folklore includes poetry, proverbs, folk tales, riddles, and myths.


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