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It would just depend really on whether they have the time/inclination to help.

It would just depend really on whether they have the time/inclination to help.

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One thing I remember is that the numbered day of the year is usually involved, so that, for example, if a bottle was bottled on New Year's Eve, you would see the number 365 (unless it was a leap year! If, on the other hand, you are trying to date antique bottles, the other lads are on the right track.

I think in that case there will be no one answer, as the markings bottlers use will have changed many times over the years. I really can’t help you out with all bottlings but remember this one concerning Ardbeg/Glenmorangie!

So, L1=2001, L2=2002 and so on, followed by the next number being the day and then you have the time. Diageo use something similar, and easier to read in black etching above the back label - eg my open Caol Ila 12yo OB reads L5310CM000, ie year 2005 310th day and I think the CM000 must stand for Classic Malt. L4 315 4ML - no mention of bottled in year XXXX and no longer reference to specific casks other then 'a special vatting of different syles of Ardbeg' but does mention 'tones of old ex-Sherry casks'. One might infer that this system has been in place since 1891, since that would be A1, but that seems doubtful!

Anyway, my Uigeadails (all unopened, 1 finished which was one of the best bottles of whisky ever) are as follows: L4 068 4ML - this one says 'BOTTLED IN THE YEAR 2004' on the back label and refers to 'a special vatting of 1993... Well I have gotten some good advise but this peticular bottle of Cutty Sark is completely nake other than the US ATF TAX Stamp that hasn't been used for nearly 20 or so years from what I have been told. He/She should try the word association thread on Whisky Chat...

On a serious note (for once) I'd suggest making a note of any printed markings on the bottle/tube and emailing or writing to someone at the distillery/bottler.

I've never felt the need to do this but I expect they would keep a record of batch numbers etc.

Don't you love it when someone answers a question here with a bunch of folderol that amounts to "heck if I know"?

Hang in, Kilost, someone will be along shortly who actually knows something.

My own J&B experience stems from John Carpenter’s 1982 classic .

The protagonist, the chopper pilot Mac Cready played by a young, hirsute Kurt Russell, must have a pallet of J&B stashed at that Antarctic research station, because he opens the movie by pouring some into and destroying his irritating chess computer.


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